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We currently have over 13,600 of you getting in on the act over on our FACEBOOK PAGE and that is a great place to catch lots of ukulele news, events, photos, videos and other random ukulele related stuff! Mostly shared by our wonderful and enthusiastic members.
This 100% online community would not be so vibrant and strong if it were not for you, our members, so thank you to each and every one of you for being a part it. We have people from all over the world, including New Zealand (where I live!), Australia, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Vietnam, India, Israel, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Sweden, Poland, Russian Federation, Brazil, Portugal, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Netherlands, Mexico, Kenya, Malta, Italy, Japan, Greece, Spain, Bermuda, France, Germany, Finland, Ecuador, Czech Republic, China, Switzerland, Canada, Belgium and Argentina, with the list growing on a daily basis!
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Jane Cameron- How Ukulele Changed My Life

Some people buy cars, some people sell everything to go sailing around the world but for my money you can’t beat picking up a uke for a mid-life crisis! I first decided to teach myself uke in July 2010, mainly because I was singing with two novice guitarists who kept changing chords at the wrong […]

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Warren Buffett and his ukulele: The greatest hits

He’s not just full of advice. The man can sing. Sort of. Listen up! Source: Warren Buffett and his ukulele: The greatest hits – MarketWatch

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Strum Blocking – Advanced Technique

In this post we wanted to share with you an advanced ukulele playing technique called strum blocking. Strum blocking is a way of playing single notes with strums. You block off the strings you don’t want to sound so only one note rings. There are a few advantages to doing this. It makes for a much […]

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  • I’m A Believer
    Shared By : Martin Lilygreen | Performed by The Ukoholix …..this the ukulele band i am in called The Ukoholix , none of us had met before joining Swansea Ukulele Club and after about 6 months we formed a small band, and now we have big band and I have never had so much fun!
  • Wicked Game
    Shared By: Mike Miragliuolo | My ukulele cover of a Chris Isaak song. Just wanted to share one of my older videos with you folks. I did it about 10 months ago. Thanks for watching.
  • Ye Banks and Braes o’ Bonnie Doon
    Shared By: Kevin Holmes | Baritone uke tuned to DGBD played guitar-style.
  • Alice in Hulaland
    Shared By: Ben Goff | This is a cut off the Willie Nelson/Merle Haggard album Django and Jimmie. This is a fun song.
  • Tonight You Belong To Me – The Ladybugs
    Shared By: Martina DaSilva | We filmed this song at Martina’s apartment last month. We wanted to have a unique look for this video, something more informal, and to also show people how much fun we have have playing together. We dressed in all white because I thought it’d be dreamy!

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